LFQ Graphics FAQ

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How do I order a graphic design online?

To place order online you just need to fill up a short and simple form with your requirement details. Then enter your payment details and make electronic payment. Your order will be placed instantly. After that, within scheduled delivery date, you will receive Graphic Design concepts via email. For continued communication, online free media like email and instant messenger (chat) and even conversations are excellent in quality. If required, 'Last Foreign Queen Graphics' can have telephonic conversation as well. Final deliverable will be sent to you online.

How much will it cost me to get a graphic design from LFQ Graphics?

Depending on the size, type, design & how many you want made starting at 20$. 'Last Foreign Queen Graphics' extremely talented and professional in Graphic Design and can handle any sort of project with confidence and flair.

Do I have to pay up any other hidden charges for my Graphic Design?

With 'Last Foreign Queen Graphics' Graphic Design package, you would buy yourself a Graphic Design you will love, with no hidden charges whatsoever. The total you pay is just the mentioned price for corresponding package and nothing more than that. Moreover, 'Last Foreign Queen Graphics' offer 100% risk-free money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose when you place an order with me.

What are the risks involved in ordering my Graphic Design with 'Last Foreign Queen Graphics'? Will my company and credit card information be safe?

Ordering your Graphic Design with 'Last Foreign Queen Graphics' is 100% risk-free. In the rarest of rare case where you do not like the Graphic Design 'Last Foreign Queen Graphics' create for you, 'Last Foreign Queen Graphics' offer a 100% money back guarantee. Your money would be sent back to you without any deductions. When you order your Graphic Design with 'Last Foreign Queen Graphics', the information 'Last Foreign Queen Graphics' need from you to create a profile for the design process, is kept strictly confidential. 'Last Foreign Queen Graphics' never share it with anyone under any circumstances.

Will I be updated on the Graphic Design process?

Of course! The moment you order you would be able to interact with 'Last Foreign Queen Graphics' through email and will be your single point of communication. 'Last Foreign Queen Graphics' will promptly and effectively intimate you of the status of your project and would get in touch with you with any queries the 'Last Foreign Queen Graphics' may have. You would thus be kept updated on your Graphic Design project at all times.

How soon will 'Last Foreign Queen Graphics' receive my Graphic Design?

You would receive the first set of Graphic Design concepts within two days of your payment, and from then on you choose the direction you want to go with your custom Graphic Design. Usually 'Last Foreign Queen Graphics' is able to finalize a Graphic Design after continued revisions within a week, depending on the range and extent of changes you want.

How many Graphic Design revisions will you make?

'Last Foreign Queen Graphics' offer unlimited revisions (except Budget package), which means 'Last Foreign Queen Graphics' would go on fine-tuning your Graphic Design till you find it absolutely perfect for you and your business. All revisions are free of charge (before you accept the final Graphic Design package), and 'Last Foreign Queen Graphics' only goal is to please you so you remain a happy customer.

What if I do not like the Graphic Design I get?

'Last Foreign Queen Graphics' would try my best to work on your Graphic Design till you end up falling in love with it, which is the reason 'Last Foreign Queen Graphics' do unlimited revisions. Chances are you would find a Graphic Design that is just right for your company. Normally it never happens with any of 'Last Foreign Queen Graphics' customers, but in case you really do not like your Graphic Design for some reason, 'Last Foreign Queen Graphics' offer a 100% money back guarantee.

What if I come up with my own ideas for a Graphic Design?

'Last Foreign Queen Graphics' welcome your inputs on your Graphic Design at all times, and would create design concepts based on your ideas. 'Last Foreign Queen Graphics' would come up with various alternative suggestions as well and you can choose the one that is the best for the image of your product or company. 'Last Foreign Queen Graphics' experienced in gauging exactly what you want, and is able to translate it into an attractive and professional Graphic Design.

Can I get my old Graphic Design modified?

Yes, it is possible to work on an old Graphic Design to give it a new and more suitable look & feel. Based on your existing Graphics and on your instructions and the new image you want to project, 'Last Foreign Queen Graphics' would come up with various Graphic Design options for you to choose from.

What will it cost me to have different sizes and backgrounds for my Graphic Designs?

'Last Foreign Queen Graphics' provide different sizes of the Graphics for printing in various mediums free of cost. 'Last Foreign Queen Graphics' also send you a transparent background version so you can change background colors, on need basis.

What are the formats in which I can receive my Graphic Design?

'Last Foreign Queen Graphics' deliver all the standard file formats like eps, jpg, tif, png etc. in the final Logo Design package. 'Last Foreign Queen Graphics' would be happy to answer any further questions on this as well.

What about the copyright of my Graphic Design?

Once you have ordered a Graphic Design with 'Last Foreign Queen Graphics', and have made full payment, you are the legal outright copyright owner of the final Logo Design, and 'Last Foreign Queen Graphics' do not have any claims to it whatsoever. You are able to trademark the Graphic Design. However, in case you exercise your right for money back, the copyright would automatically belong to me and you would lose it.

What sort of support can I expect from you once the Graphic Design process is complete?

Even after the Graphic Design process is complete, 'Last Foreign Queen Graphics' would be there to guide you for the download of your file, and interactions with your printer, in case of any confusion. 'Last Foreign Queen Graphics' also provide a lot of additional design services, and you can obtain a price advantage by ordering these services along with the Graphic Design in order to enhance your company's image further. We even store a back-up copy of your Graphic Design, so you can ask 'Last Foreign Queen Graphics' for a soft copy in case of an emergency, possibly in the years ahead. If you have any other queries, contact 'Last Foreign Queen Graphics', 'Last Foreign Queen Graphics' look forward to hearing from you. If you are not convinced, you can browse around 'Last Foreign Queen Graphics' website, check out 'Last Foreign Queen Graphics' extensive Graphic Design portfolio, and learn why 'Last Foreign Queen Graphics' is the ideal candidate to be your Graphic Designer! If you are like others, and are sure 'Last Foreign Queen Graphics' can create the Graphic Design of your dreams, 'Last Foreign Queen Graphics' invite you to order your custom Graphic Design now and be part of the ' Last Foreign Queen Graphic Design' experience!